2005 NFL Draft Prospect

Vanderbilt University

6-1, 197, 4.38*
New Orleans, LA
(St. Augustine HS)
*Timed by NFL scouts at
Tulane’s Pro Day March 8, 2005

Brandon Smith Resume (PDF)
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Quick Summary:
The 6-1, 197-pound wide receiver is a quick and precise route runner who has demonstrated his big playmaking ability during his career at Vanderbilt. Smith has great hands and a tremendous ability to separate from coverage. Smith’s speed, agility and hands force defenses to respect him as an underneath and deep threat. Smith’s finest collegiate game was in 2004 when he caught 8 passes for 160 yards (20 yards/catch) and a TD against SEC rival Tennessee. Smith runs the 40 yard dash in 4.38 seconds.

Born Nov. 20, 1983, Brandon is the son of Peter and Vanessa Smith. Has a younger brother, Brian, following in his shoes as a high school junior wide receiver at St. Augustine. In high school, was named to Coaches’ All-District Team, catching 32 passes for 539 yards and 10 TDs during senior year... MVP receiver who helped lead his team to a 12-3 record and state semifinals of class 5A... Receipt of Purple Knight Award, the top award presented to a senior. Smith will be graduating from Vanderbilt in May with a degree in Human and Organizational Development.


Q: Who is your sports-related role model?

A: Jerry Rice

Q: Who is your non-sports related role model?
A: My parents, Vanessa and Peter

Q: What’s you favorite Vanderbilt tradition?
A: Walking down the “Star Walk” before each home game.

Q: What made your decision to attend Vanderbilt University?
A: I guess it was the combination of great academics along with great athletics. SEC football is one of the best college football conferences in the country, if not the best. Most of the guys who play football in the SEC have a chance to play on Sunday. Aside from a superior athletic conference, Vanderbilt also provides the student with an excellent academic environment.

Q: What is the hardest class you ever took at Vanderbilt University? How about what wasn’t?
A: I would have to say that the hardest class that I took at Vanderbilt has to be Math 175. It is Calculus in 3-D! I took it my sophomore year and had to take it twice. The easiest class that I had to take was Business of Music. It met once a week on a Wednesday night and there was not much work involved. We just had to write a one page summary if there was a speaker the week before and at the end of the semester, we had to write a paper talking about the life of a person in the music business (real or imaginary) and use all of the concepts that we talked about throughout the year. It was pretty easy.

Q: What are some of your hobbies away from football?
A:. If I am not studying, then I am usually playing Madden 2005 with my roommates or on the Internet downloading music. I just got a dog over the Christmas holidays so I’m starting to spend a lot of time with her.

Q: What’s currently in your CD player?
A: I have no idea, probably some mix CD with a bunch of different songs on it.

Q: What’s the last book you read?
A: The Bible, I try to read it every night before I go to sleep.

Q: What’s your favorite professional sports team?
A: Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings (football), Los Angeles Lakers (basketball), baseball is really boring but I like the Yankees.

Q: What’s your favorite sport to play besides football?
A: In high school I ran a little bit of track but didn’t really get hooked on it. When I was younger I really loved baseball, so I guess that’s my favorite sport to play (not watch) besides football.

Q: Who’s had the greatest impact on your athletic career?
A: I guess I would have to say my high school coaches, Coach Chris Lott (receiver coach), Coach Darren Dixon (offensive cood. & qbs), and Coach Jabar Juluke for making me work my butt off the summer before my senior year of high school. I also want to thank Coach Steve Crosby, Coach J.D. Hall, and Coach Charlie Fisher, my position coaches in college for teaching me all the techniques that I needed to be successful while playing SEC football. Also I want to thank Coach Ed Lambert for recruiting me to Vanderbilt and giving me the opportunity to play college football.

Q: What’s your most memorable moment in sports?
A: There’s two. The first is when Vandy beat Kentucky for Vandy’s first SEC win in like 4 or 5 years. The second is when I ripped up Tennessee’s secondary catching 8 passes for 160 yards including an 80 yard touchdown on Senior Day which was also my 21st birthday.

Q: When did you realize that you had a bright future in football?
A: I realized that I had a bright future in football during my senior year in high school. I understood that I had worked my tail off the summer before but I didn’t really know that my best football would be ahead of me until I met Coach Ed Lambert and came on my recruiting visit to Vanderbilt.

Q: Describe your parents and the influence they’ve had on your life?

A: My parents are two of the most, if not the most influential people in my life. They have been strong supporters of everything that I have done throughout my life and will continue to be there for me as long as I need them. The effect that they have had on my life cannot be put into words. I love them very much.

Q: What are some things about you that most people don’t know?
A: Most people don’t know that I just turned 21 and am about to graduate from college, so I guess I’m a little young. Another thing that people probably don't know about me is that I write "Maw Maw" on my wrist tape before every game. Now, there is a story behind this. Maw Maw was my grandmother on my mother's side and she died suddenly and unexpectedly at the beginning of my senior season in high school, the night before the third or fourth game of the season. While she was in the hospital (after having surgery for a blockage in her leg), she told me that she had still planned on coming to that game, and she wished me luck in my Senior Year. That very night, she had a stroke and was placed on a respirator. The doctors said that the next couple of days would be critical to Maw Maw's survival. But the swelling in her brain increased, and we were told that there was nothing else that could be done for her. Before she passed away, I had the opportunity to tell her that I would dedicate my senior football season to her and that I would write her name on my wrists before every game. Though her eyes were closed, and she was on a respirator, I knew in my heart that she could hear me. I spoke at her funeral and told everyone about my dedication. That year, the football team finished with a 12-3 record, losing in the state semi-finals. I had a blow out season! After every touchdown that I scored that year (10 total), I pointed to the sky as if to tell her "Thanks". I still write "Maw Maw" on my wrists before every game because I know that she will protect me out there on the field and she won't let anything bad happen to me.

Q: What is your favorite restaurant?
A: Cannon’s (it’s in New Orleans)

Q: What is your ultimate goal?
A: My ultimate goal is to be successful and happy in life, whether I make it to the NFL or not.

Q: If you had one sales pitch to an NFL team as to why they should select what would you say?
A: I think that an NFL team should invest in me because not only am I an exceptional athlete, but I am coachable and will work hard and do whatever my coaches ask of me. Also I have good character and will represent my team, the NFL, and my family to the best of my ability.